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“Growing Colorful Insight”

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Into BEAUTIFUL analysis?

The HIDDEN meaning behind colors?

How they speak to our PSYCHE?

Well, Welcome to Chroma! (or CL for short). CL serves the art community by being an online art analysis blog and color palette gallery, bringing deeper insight through the discussion of colors in the arts of paintings, sculptures, and entertainment.

Hello, Beautiful Color Fanatics

I am Haiku.

A modern writer, art enthusiast, developer, and entrepreneur using my artistic creativity and intelligence in entertainment production, analysis, and positivity to begin the next change of the creative renaissance era.

I created CL to spark uplifting and insightful creative discussions with the use of colors. By using color psychology we are more aware of how colors can influence and change our thinking about our everyday lives, each other, and the world around us. So my friends I present to you, Chroma Illuminosity.

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