Cat’s not a Kitty anymore.

Growing up as a child actress, Ariana Grande has made a name for herself by starring in the Nickelodeon kid series “Victorious” as the ever-lovable Cat Valentine, which led to her lead role of the same character in the spin-off series “Sam and Cat”. But nowadays, Ari’s voice is what seems to have all the kids nowadays staying up till midnight and doing it all night. 

Study: Cultural | Aesthetic | Economics | Technology

People, Ariana Grande is aesthetically pleasing and cherry-pop beautifully, it’s the truth look it up. But when looking into the aesthetic beauty of her art, we try to understand the hidden meaning behind that said beauty. Letting the world hear her voice about her newly found sexual freedom, Ariana spares no time in making sure we know what colors give us that splash of 34+35. Covering the video we wanted to introduce you to this post’s studies of Aesthetic and Technological.

Oh, those cherry pop lips.

Now I know the video is hypnotic, but I made a quick list of all the colors that were calling to my eye.

Our Woodsmoke (#0f1214) and Gray Chateau (#979fa5) are the colors that are introduced to us at the beginning of the video. Cute and playful, the color scheme resembles that of cow print, a favorable suit option whenever dressing up and wanting to let those curves show. Ariana introduces herself back onto the dating scene by positioning herself on that cow print. Get it, position.

Now, Ariana brought in a new type of woman when she introduced us to her and her crew’s creative color choice with a Sexy Tan. Always known for being a comforting color, this sexy tan provides stability in Ari’s own skin after the passing of her ex-boyfriend. Also introducing support and protection are shown through this sexy color in the bodysuits that Ari and her friends wear, this color should always inspire us to see the simpler things in life and I’m sure that’s exactly what’s on Ari’s mind.

Bringing a pop of color to the end of the video we have our lovely sexual colors of Old Lavender (#6b5169) symbolizing her growth and Logan Purple (#b5abd1) for the acceptance of her new self. The nightgowns are simply gorgeous as Ariana and the dancers deliver a playful and light performance that was hypostasizing with that use of color. Pink brings out the kind and healing nature that is Ariana’s comforting, providing her with some joy and warmth and still homing in on her femininity, while the purple brings her individuality of being her authentic self, calming her mind, spirit, and heart.


And the color spotlight goes to… Deluge! (#7263ab). Deluge is one of the most recognizable colors within 34+35, not only is it the only pop of color that we get at the end of the video but the significance of its meaning and how it relates to Ariana on a more personal level grantees its color spotlight.

Now introducing… the AriBot.

The entire video’s storyline revolves around Ariana’s clever plot of a group of scientists making what seems to be an Ariana robot, or what I like to call it, an AriBot. The AriBot serves as a representation of Ari’s newfound sexual freedom and desire, breaking more out of her cocoon of who she once was and into the beautiful butterfly that she is growing to be. Or should I say robot? Sparking technological interest within “34+35” are these colors that brought attention to our eyes.  

Newfound White for her cocoon of course! The white that she wears as she makes her AriBot shows the remaking of herself. The white is a sign of her purity and while the other colors become more apparent through the video, is similar to the shedding of her old self.  What other color to represent the new becoming-woman of Ari plus, it looks amazing on her too.

Titanium Platinum is to be added to this video’s color pallet. Apart from the glorious naming of this color, the platinum of Ariana’s robot is made from her years of becoming this woman and the strength she has gained from enduring what she has gone through.  I’m sure that platinum is the same thing the terminator is made out, it’s strong guys trust me.

Watch “34+35” by Ariana Grande to see how her colors pop!

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  1. Ariana Grande is my favorite pop star and the way you explained how certain colors play a part in the way things pop was really interesting to read, keep it up! I’d love to read more articles of yours!

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