Once upon a Balenciaga Ago.

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“Once upon a time, man, I heard that I was ugly” and look where she is now ladies and gentlemen. Belcalis Almánzar, mainly and professionally known by Cardi B, is American Hip-Pop Rapper who knows how to slay her enemies like how she slays her bars. Releasing the single “Up,” coming off her sophomore album cardi spares no time in ripping through the beat with an undeniably catchy hook while delivering outfit change, after outfit change, after outfit change. Going more in-depth into some of those outfits, I want to bring a visual insight into what they might mean and why Cardi choose what she did.

Study: Cultural | Aesthetic | Economics | Technology

I’m all the way UP!

Cardi B, beauty and talent in all the same, and she did not fail when she delivered to us Up. Now up speaks to many things but one thing that it speaks to us very clearly is Cardi’s versatility in aesthetics and how she can use all these damn colors to make the song just sound more bussing! Staring with some of the goldish- whites and browns that she gave us, slaughtering with an Old Rose (#c7907b) that just looks divine to her skin to compliment the white in the background, adding to the overall class that she can pull off with the snap of her finger. Tying everything back together is a simple Desert Sand (#f2d1be), belonging to the cream family which shows off Cardi’s high-end fashion and styles to be nothing but her own defined self.


A moment of spotlight recognition for… Loulou! (#541033). Brining not only a sense of sophistication but also a representation of the beauty of the blood that flows through us all, this shade of red expresses Cardi’s love for herself, her fans, and even her haters.

Many of the colors that Cardi manages to bring out show that she is going to stay true to herself, and that these luscious Violets (#2b0733) will have her change for no man, no company, no label, end that. Still in the background, you see those silverish blues coming in too, just highlighting Cardi’s success with her Steel Blues (#4081b9), reminding everyone that Cardi has the bag to stay and she has no intentions of returning it. Not only the silvers, but the golds as well that she wears on her bare skin is an homage to the wealth and success that she has accumulated, letting everyone and mainly her enemies know she has the ability to thrive and survive.

Color Spotlight

Upping their way to this color’s spotlight is… Antique Brass! (c98862). Blending in with Cardi’s skin tone is not the only thing this color has in mind, this shade of brown shows Cardi’s not only a powerhouse rapper, but a powerhouse of a woman!

Stop with all the Cap-enese!

Looking more along the lines of Cardi’s lyrics, we can all see the message that comes seeping through. It’s simple really, Wealth and Rats. You see, Cardi uses these high-end and emotional colors, snatching everything up to her Thatch (#b4989b), Cardi visually explains that the bigger you get the more they are going to come for you and that has always and will be the cycle of economic wealth.

Those who are on the bottom want more and those who are on the top sometimes fear of their wealth, status, and power dwindling slowly, but a solid green like Heavy Metal (#3f392f) and a deep Judge Gray (#554a34), smacks out all that envy and let everyone know that Cardi is planted and hear to stay. Bringing some reds into the mix, Cardi shows that she’s also not afraid to use a Venetian Red (#71000c) to mess up her stainless silvers and bodily golds just to put a rat back in their place.

The bottom line comes down to when you make money and rise above there are always going to be people after you, but Cardi makes them know that she doesn’t care, she has the wealth, she has the talent, she has the style, and more importantly, she has herself so bring it. So, while she’s sipping champagne on her way to Malibu (#5cccfc), she doesn’t focus on the light work that doesn’t need to be handled beneath her.

When she’s up, then she’s up, and she stuck when she up. Period.

Take care of my color children,

With love,


Palette & Photo Gallery

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