Color Talks! Primary Blue | Artist Edi, ft. Palermo


CL does not own the pictures and images you are about to see; all have been edited for artistic analysis to promote positive discussion of colors. See artist @’s to support their work!

Blue as the sky and the sea; Blue as the mind being free. The everlasting positive and expressive color of blue is one of the primary colors that we come into contact with every day. In many cultures blue is thought to symbolize peace and keeping away bad spirits yet, blue can also bring upon feelings of sadness or negativity. In our everyday lives and throughout what we see, we must remember that blue is here to help us by highlighting the honesty, reliability, and responsibility that lies within us all that we’re too afraid to take grasp of.

Artist: Angelina Palermo

from Florida, USA.

Knowing this upcoming photographer on a personal page, she is someone who knows how to capture what is the essence of her target or the scene being created. Focusing on the natural beauty of artistic composition, Palermo uses natural colors, lighting, and style to showcase the everyday natural beauty that is within all of us. Embodying more homestyle and personal forms of photography, Palermo focuses more on personality in the showcasing of her images, with each photo not only telling a different story but bringing in a different point of view. From her collection of photos, I have selected a photo that displays blue in the eyes of the beholder.

Eyes of Blue

The palette by Palermo is titled, “Eyes of Blue” and let’s just say that it captures the sky’s essence without getting the sky. The palette is composed of 4 colors which include: Danube, Chambray, Geyser, and Mine Shaft with the main highlighted color being Danube.

HEX, RGB, & CMYK Color Coding below! HEX | R-G-B | CMYK

DANUBE: #6c8fca | 108, 143, 202 | 47, 29, 0, 21
CHAMBRAY: #35407e | 53, 64, 126 | 58, 49, 0, 51
GEYSER: #d6dee0 | 214, 222, 224 | 4, 1, 0, 12
MINE SHAFT: #1f1f1f | 31, 31, 31 | 0, 0, 0, 88

Within this palette, it brings simple and tells the story of the color itself. One thing that blue has a way of doing is showing us how to be confident and secure within ourselves and this is exactly what the model is doing. This model uses this Mine Shaft (#1f1f1f) black to showcase the main use of this bold color, power, and sophistication, and what else to do it with other than this elegance of a blazer. Against this Geyser (#d6dee0) grey it shows that the confidence that is exuded by the blues leaves the model unbothered knowing that there is a certain maturity that isn’t going to disrupt her calming blues. Finally, staring up at these beautiful skies, a light blue such as Danube (#6c8fca) brings out the stability and honesty in her stance, while a darker blue such as Chambray (#35407e) combines together with that Mine Shaft black and Geyser grey to show off the rich elegance that Palermo has the power of capturing.

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Instagram: @ photographyybyangelina

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