Color Talks! Primary Red | Artist Edi, ft. Esquivel


CL does not own the pictures and images you are about to see; all have been edited for artistic analysis to promote positive discussion of colors. See artist @’s to support their work!

Passionate as a lover’s embrace, yet bright as a common rose. Red. Red can represent physical energies such as lust, passion, and desire along with exhibiting symbolisms such as action, confidence and courage. What do we know and love about this color? Red is a color like no other, being a favorite color among many this primary color gives off nothing but strong and powerful energy that motivates us to take action.

Artist: Ricardo Esquivel

from Chicago, USA.

Bringing back a man of composition and placement, Ricardo Esquivel’s photography captures the eyes of his viewers once again, with the capturing of a prominent and recognizable American Landmark. Taking a break from human-focused images, I bring in another photo by Esquivel that brings upon a theme that red is not mainly known for, but the color does a good job of taking us to a place of home. Though red is associated with passion, love, and maybe some excitement, it also exudes all those qualities when thinking of a place that brings happiness or a comforting vibe. From his collection of photos, I have selected a photo that simply brings a feeling of hope, joy, or remembrance.

Conversing the Golden Gate

Not sure if these are converses or not, I just know that they make a nice word flow. This titled palette being named, “Conversing the Golden Gate” is composed of 5 colors that bring together its unity which include: Red Orange, Burnt Umber, El Salva, Millbrook, and Blue Dianne. The main color being highlighted within this palette is Burnt Umber.

HEX, RGB, & CMYK Color Coding below! HEX | R-G-B | CMYK

RED ORANGE: #fa2a22 | 250, 42, 34 | 0, 83, 86, 2
BURNT UMBER: #912630 | 145, 38, 48 | 0, 74, 67, 43
EL SALVA: #883631 | 136, 54, 49 | 0, 60, 64, 47
MILLBROOK: #604a34 | 96, 74, 52 | 0, 23, 46, 62
BLUE DIANNE: #1f394a | 31, 57, 74 | 58, 23, 0, 71

Starting off with both literally and in color reference, the foundation of this piece is our Millbrook (#604a34) brown, such a significant and regular brown is the perfect way to connect red to home. Known for being that comforting and nurturing color, in association with bright reds such as Red Orange (#fa2a22) it brings down that energetic side, it soothes the anger in one’s mind, soul, and heart, it brings out the power and the courage that hides behind one’s stress and heightens that of their determination. Following up with some brown and orange undertones of itself, we are introduced to this rustic El Salva (#883631) that connects the old bridge’s browns with the changing nature of not only the iron but the world.

Bringing in our highlighted color of Burnt Umber (#912630), we get an elevated feeling of red, seeing that such deep dark reds as bring upon bright excitement in coming home or going on vacation to this national landmark. Ending on a flowing note of positivity and hope, such a dark blue as Blue Dianne (#1f394a) may remind us of the vulnerability of our sensitive emotions, it also allows us to remember that we are responsible, in control, and confident in the lives of our future, past, and present selves. 

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