Kick back at the Cotton Castle!

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Pamukkale, Turkey; The beautiful hillside phenomenon has been a major tourist destination for many years. The spa is known for its sizzling hot springs, filled with bright turquoise waters, and is commonly known as the Cotton Castle for the smooth whites of its mineral pools. And best belief, those springs are not only beautiful but its health onto one’s body and mind have to be experienced by all!

Those Soothing Waters.

Just looking at the Cotton Castle by itself you can already see the aesthetically pleasing colors that just bring your mind to warmth and relaxation. Feeling it already? Well, great that’s what it’s supposed to do! Now, let me walk you through those soothing colors that stood out in this natural location and how it brings your mind to that place of peace.

Starting with the most prominent colors which are the blues and the turquoise. The Cotton Castle highlights its Deep Cerulean (#028ea5) and Steel Blue (#468acb) to provide that calmness and clarity we would all enjoy on a peaceful vacation, taking time away from the kids, the stress of school, or even the overbearing problems in life. These natural blue tones take your mind away for a second; allowing you to imagine yourself bathing in those cool springs, clearing your mind of all the problems that may be blocking your spiritual pores.


It is my pleasure to present the color spotlight to… Spindle! (#b7dcee). Spindle earned its place as the color spotlight for the Cotton Castle because of the beautiful calmness that it exudes, always being able to relax not only the soul but the mind.

Supporting our blues, we have those reliable greys, heightening the soothing presence that the Deep Cerulean and Steel Blue offer. We noticed that our Dusty Grey (#969696) holds everything at bay, being the rock-steady color that binds the blues together and heightens that of the whites. Many believe grey to be such a neutral and serious tone or color, but for the cotton city, it brings together that calm feeling that you get from looking at the picture or imagining your getaway vacation destination. 

Now, that feeling of elegance maybe because of the city’s soothing pools but that would have no effect without the graciousness of our Black Squeeze (#e8eff7). It establishes itself as the conquering color that binds this natural phenomenon together. The Cotton Castle’s colors of white are known to promote open-mindedness or to restore an aura to one that may be unbalanced. I mean, who wouldn’t want to experience aura restoration in those springs! Bringing together the blue and greys, these whites make for a magnificent sight to look at but, tie it back all to what the colors of the cotton castle represent, relaxation and clarity. 

Palette & Photo Gallery

See all color names and codes in the PAMUKALLE | TURKEY Palette Gallery!

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