Grounded Beauty

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American Neo-Soul and R&B singer/songwriter, Solána Imani Rowe professionally known as SZA always knows how to deliver a dazzling performance with a voice that soothes the soul of all others around her. But what about soothing herself? In her music video and single, “Hit Different” featuring Ty Dollar Sign, SZA visually tells how her heart, mind, and body are now open to communication with herself and her partner but also being grounded in herself and what she believes in.

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Me, Myself, and Mother Earth’s Browns

Ladies and gentlemen let me tell you what hits us differently at first: these stunning outfits donning these orange tones, but as your black female dancers add their spin to things, the colors came out a bit different than expected. Brown. And it makes sense. The color brown and its shades represent various things, but to SZA in hit different these Beaver (#88665b) and Cape Palliser (#9a634c) browns add to the overall message of SZA being true to herself and staying grounded in the hardest of times. Dark Browns such as her Irish Coffee (#613229) keep us close to the earth and sometimes get rid of the things that may be blocking our view, reminding SZA that we should remain here and now, focusing on what matters. Ourselves. Not only does it match with her skin, but that Limed Oak (#af805a) knows how to show off its beautiful complexions. 


Let take a minute to look at this spotlight that belongs to… Wedgewood! (#477996). Allowing us to feel comfortable and eases our spirit as we explore and discover different ways to communicate with significant others, friends, and even ourselves.

“Wading in you like it’s cool Water”

Apart from focusing on the scene where she runs on the lines of “You a wild one, and I’m wading in you like its cool water/Like it’s cool when you pull up booed up with a new and it’s not me,” the blue that appears in the music video suggests something along the same lines. One thing that the color blue is known to establish is a way of communication, just like the open skies above, SZA wants her Astronaut (#28506f) blues to encourage open communication with who she opens her heart and how she handles her heart herself. There is a reason why she wears her blue shirt open in the scene with the junkyard cars, is to show that she’s no longer closed off to conversation, she wants everything to work and she will make sure that a hardcore Nevada (66797c) blue she chooses deliver promising results. Along with her openness to communication, a soothing Wedgewood (#477996) calms the song down a bit with its bright tones, allowing SZA to have a calm and relaxed soul while steeping into her new communication comfort zone. 

Hitting my Heart Differently

Showing her femininity through blood-splattered symbolism in a natural setting would be the best part of the video for me. It is such a beautiful way to show off her musical artistry and it was colorful too. During my process of analyzing the colors, it occurred to me that many of the reds came out to be some shades of a reddish pink, which adds to the overall message when seeing this pink in a different light. Standing out with her Congo Brown (#5a3242), SZA shows that she is in tune with herself and exudes that she was more confident than she was before and is ready to overcome the confidence she may not have had by supporting her Bali Hai (#8299aa) blue of communication. One thing about the reddish-pink colors of the blood symbolism, it doesn’t appear that much but only appears to support that of the Bali Hai that speaks to communication and a solid Makara (#8b816d) brown that speaks to her new grounded self. 


Settle in your chairs for the color spotlight that is … Congo Brown! (#5a3242). Apart from highlighting SZA’s natural feminine essence with its earthy red and subtle undertones of purple, this color shows SZA, her artistry, and her message in a new light.

SZA’s musical performance in using these colors told the story that she wanted to convey. The prominence of the blues and brown both come together to show that she is still discovering herself like many of us, but as she’s doing it, she continues to stick to her grounded beliefs. Not to mention, she stays to her feminine tones with Solid Pinks (#7c3043) highlighting herself being a grounded self-developing woman and exuding her beauty. 



Watch “Hit Different” by SZA ft. Ty Dollar Sign to see how these colors connect!

Tell me what you think of SZA’s “Hit Different” colors and how they connected to you!

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