Lewis | Baule Mask – Carved Bobbin (Guru) – Dan Mask

Title: Baule Mask | Carved Bobbin (Guru) | Dan Mask
Artist: Norman Wilfred Lewis, NYC, United States.
Year: 1935
Medium: Pastel
Period: Harlem Renaissance
Style: Figurative Expressionism; African Art.
Notes & Analysis of the Artwork

Taken from the mask of Baulé and Dan Cultures

  • A group of native African people.

Sought to serve the distinction between the models of naturalism.

  • From Greco-Roman models to African sculptures.
  • Wanted to highlight its understandings/
  • Abandonment of his earlier teachings and works.

Engages with social and political inequalities faced by a black artist.

Highlighted in its forms, movement, and resemblance. 

  • Focuses on the patterns
  • Noticeable in its distinctive shapes/sizes.
  • Navigation with the curves of the artwork.
  • Fluidity in rhythm.

Said to be “like enjoying a new kind of music”.

Feelings and emotions delivered:

Baule Mask: The red, how it has this blood/family vibe.

Dan Mask: the shape of the mouth and the structure of the face.

  • Black if giving power and strength. 

Carved Bobbin: the elongated neck, the shape of the mouth, and the face.

  • Color and shape tell of power and leadership.
  • (Guru) gives an elder/leadership distinction from the others.
  • The connection to the green gives a humanistic touch.

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