Botticelli | Madonna in Glory with Seraphim

Title: Madonna in Glory with Seraphim
Artist: Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi (Sandro Botticelli), Italian
Year: 1470
Medium: Tempera on Panel.
Style: Early Renaissance; Religious painting.
Notes & Analysis of the Artwork

Monumental style figures.

Setting and scene are represented as so:

  • Mary is enthroned on cloud in the glory of the seraphim.
    • Multiple angels are seen surrounding her like a crown.
  • The Child Christ raises hand in blessing.
    • Focus on the gaze of his eyes looks directly at the viewer.
    • The cruciform nimbus surrounds his head.  
    • Foreshadows future biblical events.

Succession in the theme deliverance.

  • Highlights the expression of tension.
  • Sacred in sensitivity.
  • Mary, fully aware of the passion her son will suffer.
  • Holds him protectively in her arms.
  • Mary’s gaze on Christ, Jesus’ gaze on the viewer.

Colors that deliver the theme’s ambiance.

The Red tells the story of a mother’s love.

  • Wears it on the inside, closeted to her heart.
  • Delivers affection, warmth, and passion.

The Black showcases protection.

  • Covered over Mary.
  • Showcases her desire to protect her child.
  • Doesn’t dominate the painting, adds authority.

The Gold tells of devotion and positivity.

  • Engulfs the surrounding of the paintings.
  • Represents divine inclusion.
  • Direct connection between the angels and baby Christ.

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