Color Talks! Primary Red | Artist Edi, ft. Nadai


CL does not own the pictures and images you are about to see; all have been edited for artistic analysis to promote positive discussion of colors. See artist @’s to support their work!

Passionate as a lover’s embrace, yet bright as a common rose. Red. What do we know and love about this color? Red is like no other. Being a favorite color among many, this primary color gives off nothing but strong and powerful energies that motivate us to take action. Red can represent physical energies such as lust, passion, and desire along with exhibiting symbolisms such as action, confidence, and courage. The stimulating color of blood and fire, cupid and the devil, and many the representations in media, history, and mythology will reveal that red can be dangerous, yes, but its longing and desire for passion is burning brighter than ever.

Artist: Aline Nadai

from São Paulo, Brazil.

Architectural focus and minimalism take place in this artist, using light and composition to her advantage, São Paulo native Nadai takes her use of colors and wipes it on a blank slate to redefine it’s used all over again. Nadia’s photo’s wanted us to ask the question of what is the focus? What is your focus? What is the world’s focus? Showing with little to no people and mainly highlighting architectural designs, Nadia’s photos find a way to bring humanity’s view into a new focus. From her collection, I have selected a significantly immersive photo that displays red in a new focus.

Though They May Fall

The palette by Nadai titled, “Though They May Fall” creates a scene like no other, focusing on the true beauty of emotion with a simplistic representation. The palette is composed of 5 different colors that contribute to its unity, which include: Monza, Bordeaux, Nandor, Timber Green, and Abbey. The main colors being highlighted within this palette are Monza and Bordeaux.

HEX, RGB, & CMYK Color Coding below! HEX | R-G-B | CMYK

MONZA: #c2012a | 194, 1, 42 | 0, 99, 78, 24
BORDEAUX: #600312 | 96, 3, 18 | 0, 97, 81, 62
NANDOR: #486150 | 72, 97, 80 | 26, 0, 18, 62
TIMBER GREEN: #1c3732 | 28, 55, 50 | 49, 0, 9, 78
ABBEY: #525757 | 82, 87, 87 | 6, 0, 0, 66

Reds are known to let emotions get out of control, but within the color spectrum, adding a bit of opposition always knows how to cool things down. With the model and such a bright umbrella being the focus, the background use of a calm Nandor (#486150) green knows how to keep the peace; reminding us that there is always a sound beating heart of both the mind and the body.

Following up we focus a bit on the model’s clothing selection, not only loving the grey and black mixture because it is a beautiful neutral combination, but also this Abbey (#525757) grey presents that timeless and free-floating feeling, contributing to the slow motion of the falling raindrops. With that, it brings us to the main focus within their photo, the umbrella.

Comprised of both dark and bright reds. Dark reds such as Bordeaux (#360031e) hits a bit more home, being similar to the color of running blood it sets the mood of the photo. In combination with the greys and the rains, the moods of the photo are damped with engagement revealing the brightness of the bright red Monza (#c2012a) pack with both intense love and anger. This photo sure does have a way of swirling emotions and how they may seem timeless, but as we unfocused and see the entire picture we breathe infertility with a stable Timber Green (#1c3732). With her focus, Nadai sure told a story through this photo no wonder it makes the viewer feel anxious but balanced simultaneously.

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