Raphael | The Alba Madonna

Lé Arts Salon

Title: The Alba Madonna
Artist: Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino)
Year: c. 1511
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Period: High Renaissance
Style/Genre: Religious Painting

Notes & Analysis of the Artwork

The Blue (Steel Blue) reveals an omnipotent presence. 

  • The blue of the sky reveals the lord’s and the holy spirit’s presence.
  • Cool, calm, and relaxing naturalism.
  • Blue covering the pink, tells of the spirit’s protection of Mary’s motherhood.

The Greens, teal color connection (Smalt Blue); clarity and new life.

  • The blue in the “teal” provides clarity and spiritual growth.
  • The green tells of the new life of the baby figures.
  • Connects the sky and the land with the cross.

The Pink (Cornflower Lilac) tells of motherhood & love.

  • Pink underneath blue tells of Mary’s virtue being blessed.
  • The feminine tone to the painting, adds the presence of love.

The Brown (Irish Coffee) refers to guidance and wisdom.

  • John the Baptist being brown, Mary leaning on the brown stump.
  • Jesus nowhere near any browns.
  • Tells of others’ guidance on Jesus’s journey.

HEX, RGB, & CMYK Color Coding below! HEX | R-G-B | CMYK

Steel Blue: #4a8bab | 74 – 139 – 171 | 57, 19, 0, 33
Smalt Blue: #4d8786 | 77 – 135 – 134 | 43, 0, 1, 47
Cornflower Lilac: #ffaaad | 255 – 170 – 173 | 0, 33, 32, 0
Irish Coffee: #5e3e22 | 94 – 62 – 34 | 0, 34, 64, 63

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