Loves’ Lost, His Lost, Her Gains

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Always singing from the heart, American Neo-Soul, and R&B Singer-Songwriter, Summer Walker delivered a message along with ANOTHER message in her visually mesmerizing music video, “Body” off her 2019 album Over It. Announcing to the world her pregnancy was not going to be an easy task and she did not disappoint, while revealing her baby bump Summer managed to send some messages along the way as well. Broken trust, misplaced loyalty, spiritual self-discovery, and a bit of redefinition of love, summer lays it all out with excellent use of colors.

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Inner Serenity

I’m just going to say… These mesmerizing purples everyone. Let me tell you something if there is one thing that Summer Walker values with utmost care her spiritual energy and these dark gasping purples really do the job. Starting the sunset with its thoughtful Martinique (#3d2847), this color begins what a lot of us need in times of confusion or stress, some inner thinking. One thing that purples such as Martinique and a dark purple such as Tamarind (#391427) have in common is the enlightenment of self-wisdom, learning, and finding yourself when you need it the most. And for a little someone on the way. The color that comes in to end the sunset is none other than a beautiful Copper Rose (#906968) adding that pink tone to complete the overall feeling of the scene with some compassion and self-acceptance for the journey to come.  

All my 99 Problems are mine

Blues can be straight up with you, if there’s one thing you can rely on them for is trust. Summer made sure to bring out these Blumine (#1d6578) blue to announce that she is struggling with trust and those who she finds loyal to her. Though blues are known to have a calming and relaxing effect on our psyche they can also say what truths we’re feeling even if we don’t want to say it ourselves and it comforts us throughout the disloyalty and mistrust.

But to Summer, Keppel’s (#3b979d) and Blumines will always take away the anxiety, the worries, and the stress for this new mommy to come and though it may show some of her weaknesses that’s ok. She knows she’s vulnerable in her own skin as are any of us, but it takes a warrior to show and accept that weakness as their own and that it’ll always be a part of them. Embracing our flaws makes us a masterpiece equal to any fine artwork. Blue shows Summer’s sensitivity but assures her that its duty in her life is for her own selfishness, it’s her to take nothing and give her everything, by being a trusted counselor in Summer’s own garden of Eden (#0e3f4e).


Make Way! Coming through for this color spotlight!… Martinique (3d2847)! This independent woman is finding her way on her own and she is doing it with not only style but grace. Being a woman has never been a challenge for her and neither will be a mother.

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Like I care what they say

Blacks & Whites: An Economically Cultural Study

Now I have come to my favorite part, the part where I talk about no color, just the black and whites. It’s quite beautiful when you feel the overall message from the video, how everything is in constant black and white but there are only certain colors that are seen in color, it says the message straight up. Everything is always seen in black and white and no one ever wants to see color and when you do, you can see how beautiful it actually is. Throughout the song summer evidently sings about something of a toxic relationship with the father of her child, spitting out some of the truest lyrics such as “I been all in my phone, I got options” but, “I just wanna talk to you/Don’t this shit, don’t this shit; meanings such she had so many people blowing up her phone, those others who she can turn to and love her better but would rather be and stick with the man who may have done her the direst. And is it so wrong to stay?

Love isn’t something that is seen in black and white and shouldn’t be, love is seen in different colors like a rainbow and I’m pretty sure everyone’s love has a bit of color in it. Summer’s does too. Summer’s love, her connection, and her heart is her choice, and she is showing us that amidst all that black and white was or is color ladies and gentlemen. Summer shouldn’t have to be judged because of that and as a woman and a mother, she’s going to use her mind, her heart, and her body to breathe the Lotus (#793635) and make the right decision for her future.


Taking a deep breath in and exhaling out this color’s spotlight, it’s… Eden (0e3f4e), ahhh. Having trust in someone else is important, but it doesn’t beat having trust in yourself. Blues like Eden will teach you that sometimes you think it’s better to share with someone else, yet in all reality, all you needed every time was to believe in yourself.

Momma’s got a stable structure

Coming to a beautiful close, we are supported by the strength of Summer’s moody green Ebony and rejoined by the ever-supporting browns. Bringing in a Kelp (#373830) green, Summer banishes any doubt in her mind about the futures she may have had in mind that aren’t a possibility anymore. While using those same earthy green undertones it also provides a calming effect dancing over a luscious Taupe (#474234) green that combines with the highest spiritual energy of the purples. Reintroducing the browns into another art form, they have made their appearance again but this time supporting everything with stability and reliability. Browns such as light Pickled Bean (#734828) and a soothing Rope (#8c501c) are known for taking up the mantle for browns, being the rock and the want for a stable future with a reliable person. In the end, Summer’s true rock and stability will be born soon, and we can’t wait to welcome them into the world and bring more of that color to Summer’s life.

With love my colorist,


Palette Gallery

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