Spreading Some Delicious Respect

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Oh, the glorious, the delicious, the delectable chocolate chip cookies, or CCC for short, or triple C, you get the point. To begin with, there are two distinctive colors, and you will never guess what they are, yes ladies and gentlemen light and dark brown. Maybe not colors but shades, these browns both bring out the positivity that taking a bit into a CCC can give you but look at them in two different ways you see how these shades of brown make you think.

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A Reminiscing Cookie

Mule Fawn (#874e31) is a light brown that can be seen in CCC’s and it brings together family bonding, allowing it and the similar shade of Corn Harvest (#8f6109) to open up that ability to bond over previous connections. You can rely on these light browns, to be honest with the emotions that may be circling around, and brown is sometimes known for being a hard color that may come in handy. The harshness of the browns doesn’t beat around the bush and will tell you straight up, what’s up, and if you don’t like it well not to be ironic but “tough cookie”, sometimes words like there are meant to be spread to promote closer connections. So, when sitting down and enjoying the deliciousness of a CCC, it will make for an interesting time as people bite into a Peru Tan (#834603) of chocolate goodness to be honest, and value the time they may have taken for granted.


Chomping away at this color’s spotlight is… Corn Harvest (8f6109)! With the unique ability to bring together family and friends alike from the past, the color doesn’t demand respect but values it.

Biting on some Hard Truth

Following up after the light browns, we have our darks. The darks do not play as they bring out that sophistication and maturity of the cookie. Is a cookie having sophistication and maturity? Yes, well what it may show. You see as we are honest with each other, letting out whatever thoughts or ideas we may have been feeling inside, Dark Ebony (#3c1e06) ensures that we remain respectful to each other. While connecting with others may it be recent or over the years passed, we must remember to be mindful of our surroundings and those we are interacting with using a Woody Brown (#443234) to stay stable and not overstep boundaries. Nothing’s worse than catching up with a friend over some CCC and they had the nerve to disrespect you Infront of the entire café load as a wolf’s howl … nah, that’s just not it. Be respectful when speaking with others and if you don’t remember, find the closest Metallic Bronze (#3f2917) to remind you that you are one of your best elves when you are aware, respectable, and mature.

In the end, We’re all good Family

Lastly, everyone, let’s talk about a color that’s been overlooked in some CCC’s. the creams. If my cooking skills are correct, literally you can’t have cookies with some cream in there! Bringing showcased more prominently is our most delectable Double Spanish White (#e5dlb6) that is brought forth to encourage warmth and comfort during conversations or even alone times. The colors of cream are always powerful yet humble at the same time, which is a great superpower and though sometimes it can get rocky from time to time it always manages to stay in line with its beautiful Twine (#be9c66). So, allow yourself to mix up the conversation a little bit with CCC’s and some of this tasteful color talk, but remember to be respectful and aware of not only yourself but others who you’re sharing that moment with.

Love you guys,


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Curtesy of NYT Cooking: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1019232-toll-house-chocolate-chip-cookies

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