The Sky’s the Limit!

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That lovely stream of green floats so gracefully in those northern skies, the Northern Lights. What are they? Collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere are seen from above the magnetic poles of the southern and northern hemispheres. To me? They’re just beautiful and the shades of all their greens are a sight to behold in person which is one of the reasons I believe them to be heavily related to that technology.

Within many forms of entertainment, media, or even advertising green is one of the staple colors of technological features and they must have gotten it from somewhere. Behold ladies and gentlemen, a magically natural feat that adds to the advancement of human and technological advancement, Aurora Borealis.

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Imagine for a minute…

Twinkle, twinkle, little stars of the bright purple Bouquet (#b58faf) that shines ever so far. ­­

Reaching up so grand and extending up to new heights.

Supported by that Mint Green (#9ffd91) ahh, it makes for a beautiful sight.

Naturally, the Northern lights are a scene to behold. Being showcased in many different views, these streams of magnetic lights can cut through any natural landscape just bringing out the natural beauty that this world has to offer. From the mixing of our Turquoise (#25e09e) and a subtle Mortar (#584b5a), it makes for a magical setting that seems it comes from a faraway mystical land. Even the Bouquet and Mint Green combined make for an out-of-world experience taking your mind away for a minute, letting you engulf yourself in the setting of outer space. One thing that the colors of the northern lights know is that they have the power to take you and your mind to another place in time, like dancing upon the mountain top of the skyline on the Horizon (#5e8faa). Allowing yourself to fade away in the natural beauty of the northern lights will make for a mystically immersive experience just close your eyes and fade away into the sky. It’s only just the limit. 

Growing Equivalent Exchange.

From robots taking over the planet with the green glow of their spaceships to evil computers waiting on standby, green has always been used as a color that relates to technological advancement. But why green? Well, there’s only one answer, my friends, to promote equal growth. When looking at the color itself from the natural viewpoint of the northern lights, it reminds us that everything on this living and breathing earth is still growing.

The light Parsley Green (#ce4c1f) elevates our technological advancements to newer heights, reminding us that as technology grows humanity prospers; while a Mountain Meadow (#15996c) reminds us that as we continue to prosper, we will be gently guided back down to earth to prosper that of mother nature. Everything grows and revolves in a cycle, this cycle may be called life or something a bit more philosophical who knows, but one thing is certain there will always be equivalent exchange. The earth is always giving and sometimes we as humans do not give back that of equal value. 

The world presents to us something so beautiful as the Northern Lights and its Deep-Sea Greens (#0d6a5e) and we use those colors to add to the impressiveness of our modern technology lighting everything up with the northern lights’ own colors. The bright green pinging that many know as their computer turning on should also be known as the same light green ping that lights up a dark northern sky full of stars. The only thing we need to give back in return to mother earth is its prosperity. But we make it seem that hard. As we continue to grow it’s only logical and humane that we allow the earth to grow with us. It makes sense, doesn’t it? You wouldn’t leave your mother in the dust as you prosper, so why should we leave the earth? 

Color spotlight

Please make a warm welcome for our color spotlight… Mountain Meadow! (#15996c) holding one of the most natural tones out of all the greens, it takes us to newer heights supporting our tech but also brings us back to earth for a lovely picnic with mother nature.

The earth will always be there for us, providing us with the tools, equipment, and knowledge to learn and grow but then we look at how we may have used those tools. Other aspects of our earth such as Go Bens (#6c654d) remind us that there can still be the brown ugliness of the slums that produce the same technological advancement. Or maybe even the overbearing heat of a Cinnarbar (#5d6148) that produces fires to such lengths that it burns down our mother’s lungs, leaving nothing but dead branches left for cropping to build new advancements. We have to remember that as we grow, she grows. It’s time to use our technological advancements that are shown through our Parsley Greens and Mountain Meadows to never bring back any Go Bens or even hot Cinnarbars because as we stop and take a look at the beauty of our northern lights, we remember we wouldn’t have it without her. And we are here without her. 

So, the next time you turn on a piece of technology it might light up green or not! But if it does, remember the lights and that they are taking us, nowhere but up. And if we’re going up, hell if we’re leaving Mother earth behind. Oh and immerse yourself in colorful and faraway lands it will make for a mind exploring experience.

With much love my colorists,


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