Color Talks! Primary Blue | Artist Edi, ft. Ameboshi


CL does not own the pictures and images you are about to see; all have been edited for artistic analysis to promote positive discussion of colors. See artist @’s to support their work!

In many cultures blue is thought to symbolize peace and keeping away bad spirits yet, blue can also bring upon feelings of sadness or negativity. But “what’s the use of feeling blue?” In our everyday lives and throughout what we see, we must remember that blue is here to help us by highlighting the honesty, reliability, and responsibility that lies within us all that we’re too afraid to take grasp of.

Artist: Rikka Ameboshi

from Tokyo, Japan.

Oil painter and polaroid photographer, Rikka Ameboshi is an artistic creation that knows how to utilize those talents and skills to show what story she wants to tell. Apart from her fabulous oil paintings (which you should check out on her Twitter page), this homestyle artist has a great sense of composition and alignment, knowing how to create a wondrous image and capture her center point with perfection. From her collection, I have selected one photo that showcases blue in a way never seen before, so enough introduction and let’s color talk about it!

Tracking Away

The palette that has been selected by Ameboshi is titled, “Tracking Away” which it takes me to infinity, the sky, and beyond; being composed of 5 colors which include: Congress Blue, Steel Blue, Kashmir Blue, Golden Glow, and Lightning Yellow. The main color being highlighted within this palette is Kashmir Blue.

HEX, RGB, & CMYK Color Coding below! HEX | R-G-B | CMYK

CONGRESS BLUE: #074e9d | 7, 78, 157 | 96, 50, 0, 38
STEEL BLUE: #4077b4 | 64, 119, 180 | 64, 34, 0, 29
KASHMIR BLUE: #51609a | 81, 96, 154 | 47, 38, 0, 40
GOLDEN GLOW: #feee91 | 254, 238, 145 | 0, 6, 43, 0
LIGHTNING YELLOW: #fbbc14 | 251, 188, 20 | 0, 25, 92, 2

Starting off with my favorite color (and it should definitely be yours too), this Kashmir Blue (#51609a) has a way of taking over this palette with its purple undertones, creating a type of spiritually relaxing ambiance that pulls all the other colors in for support. A Steel Blue (#4077b4) does what it does best and supports the rising Golden Glow (#feee91) by introducing the significance and importance of a new day taking away all those panicking worries. A bountiful Congress Blue (#074e9d) digs deep like the color itself, by keeping those bad spirits and vibes all away, but not without first striking out all that instability that you may encounter with this flashing Lightning Yellow (#fbbc14).

Check out other works by the Artist!

For more by the Artist, follow them and check out their Socials!

Instagram: @ rikka_polaroid

Twitter: @ ameboshi_rikka

Pexels Community Link: @ rikka ameboshi

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