Color Talks! Primary Blue | Artist Edi, ft. Esquivel


CL does not own the pictures and images you are about to see; all have been edited for artistic analysis to promote positive discussion of colors. See artist @’s to support their work!

Blue as the sky and the sea; Blue as the mind being free. The everlasting positive and expressive color of blue is one of our primary colors that we come into contact with every day. In our everyday lives and throughout what we see, we must remember that blue is here to help us by highlighting the honesty, reliability, and responsibility that lies within us all that we’re too afraid to take grasp of.

Artist: Ricardo Esquivel

from Chicago, USA.

A man of composition and placement takes place in this color talk. Showing us the different ways to bring out the true beauty of landscapes along with capturing the essence of his city, Chicago based photographer Ricardo Esquivel allows his art to breath individuality. From his collection of photos, I have chosen one in particular that blends blue with one of its favorite counterpart colors.

Walk, Silent Relaxer

The palette titled “Walk, Silent Relaxer” sure does bring your mind and heart to a place of comfort wishing that all communities that this little piece of heaven. The palette composes of 6 colors in total which consist of: Parsley, Vida Loca, William, Cerulean, Tory Blue, and Prussian Blue. The main highlighted color in this palette is Tory Blue.

HEX, RGB, & CMYK Color Coding below! HEX | R-G-B | CMYK

PARSLEY: #0d3d1c | 13, 61, 28 | 79, 0, 54, 76
VIDA LOCA: #4c951e | 76, 149, 30 | 49, 0, 80, 42
WILLIAM: #396565 | 57, 101, 101 | 44, 0, 0, 60
CERULEAN: #00abe8 | 0, 171, 232 | 100, 26, 0, 9
TORY BLUE: #0c66a0 | 12, 102, 160 | 93, 36, 0, 37
PRUSSIAN BLUE: #01254d | 1, 37, 77 | 99, 52, 0, 70

When I first look at this photo, these bright Vida Loca (#4c951e) greens are flowing down in the middle of the path, allowing me to feel secure in my mind and body as a venture on this bountiful walk. Surrounded by our highlighted Tory Blue (#0c66a0) do what they do best, providing that tranquil experience of this relaxing stroll combined with a dark and friendly environmental Parsley (#0d3d1c) that guides us. Coming up next is a baby of colors, a mixture of green and blue overtones, William (#396565) that knows to bring out that emotional state, slowing us to feel what we feel and don’t feel bad about it. Ending off on a blu-tastic tone, this dark Prussian Blue (#01254d) reveals the old fashion nature of this setting, but not without ending the trail with a bright Cerulean (#0066a0) adding that trustworthiness that ties the piece together nicely.

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Instagram: @ rickyrecap

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Pexels Community Link: @ Ricardo Esquivel

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