Color Talks! Primary Blue | Artist Edi, ft. Štefančík


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Blue as the sky and the sea; Blue as the mind being free. The everlasting positive and expressive color of blue is one of the primary colors that we come into contact with every day. Blue does an excellent job serving as a natural go to color for relaxation, communication, loyalty, and faith; keeping in balance that it is an expressive color but a stubborn one as well.

Artist: Štefan Štefančík

from Presov, the Slovak Republic.

Now he may describe himself as a “self-taught amateur photographer from Slovakia,” but to me, this man’s picture is something of pure cinematic creativity. Not only does he capture his subject in perfect view but creates a dream that you can stay within for days despite the color and the scene. Štefančík creates a scene within a movie that’s a dream, having an eye for such beauty is a rare skill indeed, today I have selected a photo from him taken in Norway of one of my favorite natural wonders, the Northern Lights.

In the Warmth of the Lights

The palette by Štefančík titled, “In the Warmth of the Lights” is a visual masterpiece within my eyes and I would have loved to bear witness to it. The palette is composed of 5 colors that make the scenery whole, which are: Regal Blue, Deep Cerulean, Turquoise, Tangerine, and Cedar Wood Finish. The main color being highlighted within this palette is Regal Blue.

HEX, RGB, & CMYK Color Coding below! HEX | R-G-B | CMYK

REGAL BLUE: #014179 | 1, 65, 121 | 99, 46, 0, 53
DEEP CERULEAN: #0172b0 | 1, 114, 176 | 99, 35, 0, 31
TURQUOISE: #3ad0ce | 58, 208, 206 | 72, 0, 1, 18
TANGERINE: #f68e01 | 246, 142, 1 | 0, 42, 100, 4
CEDAR WOOD FINISH: #782401 | 120, 36, 1 | 0, 70, 99, 53

First of all, let me just say that Cedar Wood Finish (#782401) being the actual name of a color is one of the best things I have ever come across since the start of the blog, and what better note to start on. Now as we all know by this point, Štefančík has a way of creating scenes and he sure did a great job here, with the main focal point being this wholesome cabin, this Cedar Wood Finish accompanied by a bright Tangerine (#f68e01) orange creates this warm and cozy feeling within the coldness that is the snow.

I love the bottom of this picture so much because I bring the outside in just using a great sense of color, seeing how the cold surrounded everything possible for miles to come with a stable brown and bright flickering orange being the only sense of comfort.

Going to the next point of focus, we have our northern lights radiating a lovely Turquoise (#3ad0ce), knowing how they light up the sky with imagination and inspiration. Backing and supporting this imagination being exuded we have our Deep Cerulean (#017360) keeping the bad energy away from this beautiful cabin ending off the endless sky with a Regal Blue (#014179) that takes us away with to freedoms so far it goes to infinity and beyond.

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Instagram: @ stefancikphotography

Facebook: @ Štefan Štefančík photography

Pexels Community Link: @ Stefan Stefancik

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