Color Talks! Primary Red | Artist Edi, ft. Chagas


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Passionate as a lover’s embrace, yet bright as a common rose. Red. What do we know and love about this color? Red is a color like no other, being a favorite color among many this primary color gives off nothing but strong and powerful energy that motivates us to take action. Not getting too down, the stimulating color of blood and fire, cupid and the devil, and many the representations in media, history and mythology will reveal that red can be dangerous, yes, but its longing and desire for passion are burning brighter than ever.

Artist: Marcelo Chagas

from São Paulo, Brazil.

Among one of my favorite photographers, Marcelo Chagas is a man of personality and the same could be said for his photos as well. Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, whether it’s in the city, the bedroom, or in the woods, Chagas ensures that his photos bring to life the viewpoint that is being seen. Happiness, passion, charisma and more his models know him, and he knows them best to get what is considered beautiful pieces of art with the use of amazing color selection. When talking about red in colors, one of the first emotions and words that roll off someone’s tongue is love itself, and after digging through his collection of photos I found that represents that feeling perfectly.

You Are Mine and I, Yours

Love! Who doesn’t love, love? Hater’s that who, but there are none to be seen anywhere near this palette. This palette is titled, “You Are Mine and I, Yours” is composed of 6 different colors in total which consist of Maroon Oak, Tabasco, Alizarin Crimson, Salmon, Cold Turkey, and Casper. The main color highlighted in this palette is Alizarin Crimson.

HEX, RGB, & CMYK Color Coding below! HEX | R-G-B | CMYK

MAROON OAK: #5a0F1b | 90, 15, 27 | 0, 83, 70, 65
TABASCO: #a62219 | 166, 34, 25 | 0, 80, 85, 35
ALIZARIN CRIMSON: #e21e20 | 226, 30, 32 | 0, 87, 86, 11
SALMON: #ff8973 | 255, 137, 115 | 0, 46, 55, 0
COLD TURKEY: #d1c1bc | 209, 193, 188 | 0, 8, 10, 18
CASPER: #adb4d3 | 173, 180, 211 | 18, 15, 0, 17

A Maroon Oak (#5a0f1b) to begin with, such a dark shade of red shows that everything wasn’t so bright, to begin with, representing feelings and emotions such as being energetic, impulsive, or even aggressive that these two individuals harbored when they stood alone. But, as we move ever so closer with a spicy Tabasco (#a62219) red, we know that there are emotional needs that are longed for by many, and being an assertive color, these men took that Tabasco and made sure they were assertive. Finally, with our highlighted Alizarin Crimson (#e21e20), desire, passion, and burning love could be felt as such a unification of brings nothing but excitement and the intensity of romance.

Once apart, a light blue such as Casper (#adb4d3) shows that there are still challenges that will have to be overcome with communication and aid. Since we are talking about unity, Casper is accompanied by a soft grey such as Cold Turkey (#d1c1bc), there may be more depressing times ahead than there were in the past, but that will all be washed away. Swimming upstream with uplifting happiness, a heartwarming Salmon (#ff8973) brings in the romance and charm that overshadows all the negatives with its pink undertones and reminders of acceptance and commitment.

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