Color Talks! Primary Red | Artist Edi, ft. Tapique


CL does not own the pictures and images you are about to see; all have been edited for artistic analysis to promote positive discussion of colors. See artist @’s to support their work!

Red is a color like no other, being a favorite color among many this primary color gives off nothing but strong and powerful energy that motivates us to take action. Red can represent physical energies such as lust, passion, and desire along with exhibiting symbolisms such as action, confidence, and courage. Not getting too down, the stimulating color of blood and fire, cupid and the devil, and many the representations in media, history and mythology will reveal that red can be dangerous, yes, but its longing and desire for passion are burning brighter than ever.

Artist: Gabb Tapique

from Cagayan de Oro (CDO), Philippines.

It is my pleasure to reintroduce “Your Copper-Skinned Photographer”, as Gabb Tapquie knows how to deliver dazzling images with the use of highlighting his models and their beautiful features. Once again bringing style and sophistication to life, Tapquie along with many of the other photographers that have been featured within these Color Talks! know how to a picture and create a cinematic wonder. From his selection, I have selected a passionate and desirable photo that you can taste the red on your lips already.

Look Into my Eyes

As we know, red is a color of passion and desire, and I had to choose an image that I knew would bring this message across the board with elegance and poise. With the title of this palette being named, ‘Look Into my Eyes” is showcases 5 different colors which are: Cherrywood, Merlot, Dorado, Del Rio, and Almond. The main color being highlighted within this palette is Cherrywood.

HEX, RGB, & CMYK Color Coding below! HEX | R-G-B | CMYK

CHERRYWOOD: #661616 | 102, 22, 22 | 0, 78, 78, 60
MERLOT: #781a26 | 120, 26, 38 | 0, 78, 68, 53
DORADO: #6b5854 | 107, 88, 84 | 0, 18, 21, 58
DEL RIO: #ae978d | 174, 151, 141 | 0, 13, 19, 32
ALMOND: #f0d7cc | 240, 215, 204 | 0, 10, 15, 6

Oh my, where to begin? In all honesty, just the naming of these colors and the simplicity of this palette captures my attention and aura in many ways. Theirs is a theme of cohesion here and warmth which is delivered by this calming Almond (#f0d7cc) beige, seeing that it provides the introduction to the passionate intoxication of the reds, it brings that softness to the image. Now, we are presented with two different types of dark reds; our supporting red Merlot (#781a26) which presents the lust and vibrance that radiates from the model.

Then we are introduced to our highlighted Cherrywood (#661616) which desires a more sexual undertone being exuded by the model, quickly drawing the viewer’s attention to look at the picture as a whole. A soft touch, modern pearl earrings, and a longing passionate stare comes into play when being supported by a soft Del Rio (#ae978d) browns, showing approachability but not only that. Along with Del Rio, this soft Dorado (#6b5854) brown creates a feeling of wholesomeness and organic features highlighting what Tapquie does best, bringing out the natural beauty of others.

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Instagram: @ _tapique

Pexels Community Link: @ Gabb Tapique

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