Uccello, Paolo | St. George and the Dragon

Lé Arts Salon

Title: St. George and the Dragon
Artist: Paolo Uccello (Paolo di Dono)
Year: c. 1470
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Period: Early Renaissance
Style/Genre: Religious Painting

Notes & Analysis of the Artwork

Two shades of dark green, both taking on traditional meanings and balance.  

  • Both have a connection to nature.
  • The battle is also being shown between the greens.
  • Green is shown in the dress (Cabbage Pont) is used to represent triumph, victory, and balance.
    • In contrast with the pink, the green adds a rooted feeling of balance to add to the femininity of the princess.
  • Green of the dragon (Crete) shows discord and ambition to fulfill a goal.
    • This color of green is associated with envy and sickness, which the dragon embodies and represents.
    • Disruption of the piece.

The Pink (Salmon) brings warmth and comfort to the battle.

  • Tones down the other colors by being the lightest and brightest.
  • Relieves tension within the painting.
  • Possibly tells of the love story between the princess and St. George.
  • Sign of success but shows a lack of confidence in her ability in the battle.

The Grey with brown undertones (Sand Dune) exudes depression and loneliness.

  • Isolation in the top portion of the painting.
  • Presents a grim looming vibe.
  • Contrasted against the calming blue, tells the story of a different battle.
    • Divine forces fight behind the scenes as physical forces fight.
    • Told through the insightfulness of the grey and its omnipotent hue.

HEX, RGB, & CMYK Color Coding below! HEX | R-G-B | CMYK

SALMON: #fb9571 | 251 – 149 – 113 | 0, 41, 55, 2
CRETE: #846c2a | 132 – 108 – 42 | 0, 18, 68, 48
CABBAGE PONT: #3d4636 | 61 – 70 – 54 | 13, 0, 23, 73
SAND DUNE: #816a5b | 129 – 106 – 91 | 0, 18, 29, 49

An In-Depth Analysis w/Haiku

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