You see, if you ever wondered why this artist used this color, or why positioned this object a certain way, CL has you covered.

At Chroma Illuminosity, abbreviated Chroma or CL for short, we are an online art blog and color palette gallery that treats our colors here a little bit differently. CL analyzes and reviews how different colors and their schemes in our Artforms have a deeper meaning/context behind them by simply using color psychology.

We write and talk about topics such as our flagship artworks paintings and sculptures while diving into other subjects like music, fashion, photography, design, and more. Along with our analysis and talks, we provide the Chroma Palette Gallery of our color palettes, each palette being uniquely named of their own and every color in the palette followed by the HEX, RGB, and CYMK color coding.

What are we doing?


Chroma Illuminosity’s mission of studying colors within art & entrainment brings insight and discussion into the world by color psychology; growing the next era of artistic development and creativity.


CHROMA: a quality of color combining hue and saturation

(referring to our colors).

ILLUMINATE: to supply or brighten with light

(brightening you with our content).

Chroma Illuminosity, brightening your day with our color palettes and content; plus it rolls right off the tongue.

Growing Colorful Insight

Here he is. The One in Charge.

Haiku is a modern writer, art enthusiast, designer, and entrepreneur utilizing his skills in the entertainment business and production to begin the next change of the creative renaissance era. With his skills of artistic analysis, project development, and creative literature composure; Haiku never takes the short road, ensuring that his unordinary approaches with unique spins always deliver promising results. Leading Chroma Illuminosity as its Founder & Creative Director since its founding in 2021, Haiku aims not only to grow CL with artistic development, creativity, and understanding but his mission and the global society.

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