Dear Color Fanatic,

I was always interested in colors ever since I took my first film class in high school. As I grew and continued to watch films and different sources of media, my mind started to develop, and one question stuck with me. Why are these colors being used?  Soon I found myself doing that with a lot of things, looking at a film trailer for the first time or a snippet of a music video, even when looking at the sunrise I would question the use and the meaning of these colors. I always want to know, why I felt the way I felt while looking at this color(s). So, I began researching, colors and their deeper meanings, knowing that all these Artforms that we come across on a daily basis have colors that influence our feelings and thoughts. Sparking my creativity, I stumbled upon the beautiful site of the name Colors Meaning by the color expert, Jacob Olesen and that’s when everything clicked. I remembered something my professor told me, “everything in the art can be dissected by studying them in four different views”, and that’s when Chroma Illuminosity began. I decided to create a place where I and others could creatively explore, analyze, and discuss how different art forms are being studied in these four views; letting everyone in on the deeper or hidden meanings of how colors make us think, feel, and even act. But that wasn’t enough, being that art enthusiast that I am, what else better to showcase colors in art than a gallery? By turning normal images into color palettes, everyone could see the visually colorful scene, meal plating, or natural view in a new light, with its most highlighted colors being represented in its palette. I know quite a lot of designers, editors, and more who would love to get their hands on that specific color, wanting to find out even what its code is. Giving back to my art and design community, I provide an array of colorful and innovative palettes, each with unique names followed by their HEX, RGB, and CYMK color coding. Now that’s all great and all, but the question still remains: why did I truly create CL? Well, CL’s true existence is to spark positive creative discussions among all using colors. By using color psychology we will be more aware of how colors can influence and change the thinking of the media, a meal, our everyday lives, each other, and the world around us. So my friends, no more wondering… enter, Chroma Illuminosity.

A Warm Welcome,


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