Color Curiosity

Thinking of a beautiful brown. A luscious green. Or maybe a sea full of turquoise blues? Well, quench no more, because here is one gallery where the colors do all the talking. With an array of bedazzling colors of creations from artists all around the globe and some just a little more at home, don’t let it kill you like it did the cat, explore Color Curiosity!

HEX, RGB, & CMYK Color Coding included on palettes. Click on each Palette to learn more!

Primary Color Talks! Artist Edition

Music Videos & Film

“UP” | Cardi B
“Body” | Summer Walker
“34+35” | Ariana Grande
“Hit Different” | SZA

Fashion & Design

——– Palette’s Incoming Soon! ——–

Interior Design & Architecture

——– Palette’s Incoming Soon! ——–

Food, Nature, Misc.

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