Mauve | Morning Ride on the Beach

Title: Morning Ride on the Beach
Artist: Anthonij Rudolf Mauve (Anton Mauve), Dutch.
Year: 1876
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Style: Realism

Notes & Analysis of the Artwork

Highlighted in realist fashion, humanism, and atmosphere.

Painted in an impressionistic style.

Dazzling variation of light.

  • Spreads across the canvas
  • Suggest and conveys motion and dynamism (type of vibrance/spirit).

Mauve was a member of the Hauge School,

  • Known for its harsh portrayal of the existence of fishermen
  • Mauve flipped the script and wanted to show another side of the seashore.
    • Highlights the depiction of the group of bourgeois riding along the beach.
      • Brings in social and class issues during the late 1800s.

Known for painting animals in their natural environment.

  • Horses were a bit unusual.
  • Restoration in 1991 revealed horse droppings in the scene.
  • Commitment to realism.

Highlighted colors scheme of blue, yellow, and blonde.

Effective in creating the seaside atmosphere.

The Creams delivers the upper-class euphemism of the bourgeois.

  • add to the realness of the landscape.
  • adds a stylish and calm personality to the painting.
  • White horse vs. darker horses foretells of story.

The Blacks add to the sophistication and class of the bourgeoise.

  • They are the only thing in such a deep color.
  • Displays elegance, authority, and wealth.
  • Becomes a focal point to view the rest of the image.

The Blues showcases naturalism and maintains balance.

  • Balances out the darkness of the blacks, the light of the creams.
  • Adds to the sense of naturalism.
  • Presents a calming and cool presence.

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